Monday, March 19, 2012

Confused Mother...

Nature that is...

It's hard to believe that only 22 days ago Jack went ice fishing with Papa. It was a "normal" cold February day in Wisconsin.

Ice fishing is one of Brian's favorite things to do. And since I won't go with him (because I am a total cold weather wimp) he gets to spend his fishing time with his dad, friends and now his little Jack.

Super Cuteness

This pic doesn't have anything to do with ice fishing or our unbelievable warm weather but I just couldn't resist showing it to you all.

The past week has been extremely warm here. Our "normal" temperatures in March are 40s and maybe a 50 once in a while. But this year....70s in March! This is May weather for us. I feel like we are going to still get one more big snow storm. Our snow is completely gone and I've turned off the heat and the windows have been open every day. This is absolutely unreal but this warm weather girl is lovin' it!
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