Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Hope You Haven't Forgotten

 I hope you haven't forgotten about me. I've been pretty scarce in blogland the past few months. I guess I am just busy spending time with my family and friends.

Our three little grands are growing up way too fast, I'm sure you all feel the same way about your own children/grandchildren. Where do the years go? I feel like our own kids were this little just a couple years ago.

Since I've been on here last I've had a bit of a change in my life. I now have a job for the first time in about 20 years. It is a part time secretary at our church. So far I am really enjoying getting out and mingling with our fellow church family.

I've also been digging in lots of dirt the past couple months. We've had a super early warm spring this year. Our garden was planted a few weeks earlier than normal and I already have all my flowers planted for the summer. I'M LOVIN' IT! I could totally handle 3-4 month winters but I know that's just dreaming. Winters in Wisconsin are usually very loooooong.

I hope you have all been enjoying every minute that you can with your family and close friends. Take time to soak those little ones in....they will be grown before you know it. 


  1. I would not forget about you! I loved seeing this little gal, she looks more like you all the time!!! Have fun with the new job and garden and flowers, that is all wonderful. I agree, family first! ;)

  2. Ooooh take pictures of your garden! I would love it to warm up earlier and stay that way longer!

    Life is busy for sure!

    Cute pictures! I love the scrunchy nose with the smiles.

  3. Jules I was just thinking about you the other day. Wondering where you went to!!
    Church Secretary eh? Welcome! I've been Church Secretary at our church for eight years and I love it. I don't think I'd ever quit!!
    It did take a long time to get used to as a Church isn't like a regular business. Good Luck and have fun!
    Love Di ♥

    1. I am still around, enjoying the beautiful weather and our beautiful family.

      So far I am really liking working at our church. It's just enough hours to get me out of the house a little each week.

  4. Funny how some of us are warm weather girls and others prefer the cooler months. I'm an autumn kinda gal and don't like dirt under my fingernails... what a woosy person I am.... LOL Nice to see you back blogging! :-))

    1. I do love the cool fall weather at the end of a long hot summer...but for now I am lovin' this warm weather.

      I hate dirt under my fingernails too....I wear gloves. hehehe

  5. No pools in Wisconsin? Are you in the northern part or is that the norm for the entire state? I didn't realize that. :)

    Anyway, I haven't blogged much myself though I would really love to. Life is just really busy. I blog so that I can have it printed in a book, and so I would like to be more consistent.

    Your grandbabies are absolutely beautiful!

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday.


  6. have been one busy Lady!
    And we never forget our blog friends - we are all in the same spot as you at different times so we all understand. But glad to see you post.

    Oh yes...our children/grands do grow much too fast - we have been talking about that too...and how fast time goes by in general as you get older.


  7. Hi Jules and happy summer to you!
    So glad to see you're back; you've had a lot going on-from working, to gardening and watching your grands grow. It is amazing how the time flies. You are blessed with your job-here in Colorado there is such age discrimination.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Noreen

  8. So glad you're back! Congrats on your job...that's so nice.

    The pictures are just so cute! And yes, I agree, kids grow so fast! Jeven just turned 14, and her 8th grade awards ceremony is tonight. I can't believe it. Where is our little girl!

    That's super cool about your garden. I bet your flowers look great!

  9. Good to see you're back to blogging! Missed you!! What a blessing to be able to work with Godly people !!!

  10. Hi Jules,

    Congratulations on the new job! That was my last job. A secretary at our old church we were use to live. :) It was a fun job!! I actually job-shared with another lady that went to our church. So...we both worked part-time.

    My sister and husband just bought a house in Wisconsin. Near the University. I can't remember the city?

    Your grandchildren are adorable!! Enjoy them!! Time does fly by way too fast.

    Happy weekend!!


  11. You have been missed! Don't stay gone so long next time. I did see your job news on FB though....congrats and glad you are enjoying it!

  12. I have MISSED you! I do keep up on FB with you from time to time but I have to admit, I'm with you! I haven't been blogging nearly as much lately. So much to say yet so little time. I don't know that I will ever get caught up but life is moving along so sometimes I just can't worry about blogging.

    Enjoy and it was great getting an update! I will NEVER Forget you and your beautiful family!!

  13. So glad to see you back. I miss hearing about life in your part of Wisconsin. Hope you're enjoying your new job. Your granddaughter's picture is very cute.


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