Monday, August 29, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Me.....A to Z

A. age :: Seriously? That's the first question? I think I'm 47.
B. baked good preference :: Bread, bread, and bread.
C. chore I hate :: dusting.
D. dogs :: none, don't hate me because I'm not a dog lover.
E. essential start to my day :: COFFEE
F. favorite color :: it's always been red, but pink is creeping up.
G. gold or silver :: silver.
H. height :: 5'4"  oh so tall am I.
I. instruments I play :: absolutely none.
J. job title :: I haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up.
K. kids :: Tracy and Andy
L. live :: in our private village in central Wisconsin
M. marriage :: 28 years to my best friend.
N. nicknames :: Jules. Unless you knew me as a kid as Doody.
O. overnight hospital stays :: only when I had my children.
P. pet peeve :: automated call centers...UGH!
Q. quote :: pick your battles.
R. righty or lefty :: righty.
S. siblings ::  five older brothers, one older sister and one younger sister.
T. time I wake up :: weekdays 6 am, and weekends 7 or 7:30.
U. university attended ::  none. I got married at 18, had Tracy at 20. (see J)
V. vegetables I dislike: onions and peppers. Yucky.
W. what makes me run late :: my hubby. But he will tell you that's not true.
X. x-rays I’ve had :: only at the dentist.
Y. yummy food :: lobster and chocolate. (not together)
Z. zoo animal favorite :: I think zebras are pretty.

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Special Delivery

I received a delivery this morning from a very special little girl. Kylee dropped off this little ring and sculpture of me. She got the blonde hair and blue eyes right. And of course she knows me well....a pink shirt. Just think of the time and thought that her little 6 year old mind put into it. I love getting treasures like this, they make my heart feel full.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

Grandpa Smiled!

I was going through some pictures this weekend and came across this one that Tracy took at Lacey's wedding a few weeks ago. For those of you that know Grandpa (Brian's dad), he is stubborn and won't smile for most pictures.

We had better all get a copy of this and frame it!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Torn and Bruised

I haven't been around blogland very much lately.
I will fill you in on what's going on in my world in the village. 

 Last Monday I got a phone call from Tracy telling me she "hurt her knee." I assumed she just twisted it. Later that day she insisted I take her to the chiropractor to have him take a look. She explained what happened and how bad it was hurting. He said he didn't want to do anything to it at that time. The next morning she called and made an appointment for that afternoon. They did an MRI right away and called an hour later with the results. So what's the diagnosis? A torn meniscus, a bruised tibia bone, and a torn ACL!  How the heck did she do that from standing up from a kneeling position? She has been running every day for a few months so maybe it was damaged and she moved "just wrong" and the whole knee fell apart.

Now what. Tomorrow she goes in for surgery to fix the torn meniscus. IF the bruised bone is better and the swelling is down they will also fix the ACL. If not, she has to wait another six weeks before she can have the ACL repaired. That will mean another six weeks of total immobilization of the knee
BEFORE surgery and another how many weeks of recovery AFTER the second surgery.

For the last week I've either been at Tracy's house taking care of the girls there or they also come and stay at my house sometimes. It's quite a switch going from "an empty nester" to trying to get my work done during naps. Thank goodness we live just a golf cart ride from each other.

For those of you that don't know....Tracy's husband is a truck driver like Brian. He is gone for weeks at a time. (Just in case you were thinking "Why doesn't her hubby take care of her and the girls?")

This is what family does for each other when one needs help. It will be a long healing road ahead for Tracy but we will do whatever it takes to get through this. I just think about the families dealing with much worse situations than this.

We are truly blessed.

Keep Tracy in your prayers in the next few days. 

(and for this Grandma constantly chasing after a crazy 11 month old)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

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