Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Wrap Up

I started this post to be a wrap up for the whole year. Trying to decide on just one picture for each month was tough. Since December had so many I thought I would just start there.

This first picture has no special even attached to it, I just love the picture. Obviously she LOVES chocolate pudding.

This was Felicity's first year helping to make Christmas cookies. What an adventure! She had more flour on her chair and the floor than on the counter. She also took many bites of the dough as we were cutting them out. The rule in our house is: If you don't like germs, don't eat anything Felicity helps to cook.

Felicity and her Mommy.

Kylee and I went to church for a whole day and helped hand out gifts off the Giving Tree. We had so much fun. She loved giving the presents to the kids.

We went to Kylee's preschool Christmas program. I don't have any picture of the whole group. My camera wasn't working so well in that gym lighting. This was taken after the program in her classroom. I love the Charlie Brown tree.

After church on Christmas eve we went to my parents house. I didn't take very many pictures that night either. My Dad doesn't like his picture taken but I did snap this one with Felicity.

We bought Felicity a trunk of dress up things. She loved it! It was the first present she opened on Christmas morning and I think she would have been happy with only that.

But of course we couldn't stop there. As you can see she already had to put on one of the outfits from the trunk. She also loved the little kitchen we got her. Now she can do her own cooking.

Every year my brother and sister in law hold an open house. It started off with just our family but has now grown into a huge event. Anyone who has no other plans on Christmas day are welcome to join us. And of course Santa has to make his appearance for the kids.

Felicity did NOT like Santa.

Here's some of the kids singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. Then they all got to blow out the candles. (again, the germ rule applies here)

And the two who started the whole Dad and Mom.

From all of us at this crazy Rodman home......

Have a very Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Steak and Lobster Night

Every year we have a special night with our family and some very close friends. We have a huge feast of steak and lobster....hence the name
"Steak and Lobster Night"
(I know....very creative)

This year we had some "newbies" come join us.
This is Amy and Tucyr.

And of course Felicity was there to steal the show.

And a picture of me and my baby....yikes! How does that happen?

Kylee always makes a haul in the presents category.

We even got a family picture with these three. Our bestest neighbors and friends.

After about 10 shots, this was the best family picture we got.
Not bad!

Time to drop the lobster in. Brian actually picked them up on the east coast when he was just out there. They were alive when he got them but he put them in his trailer of his semi and they froze overnight. He had to clean them up and he ended up bring home just the tails and the claws. That's okay, I didn't really want to look into the eyes of those things anyway.

Then the steaks went on. They were huge! We had Charlie (Casey's dad) to do the grillin'.

Lesson: If you leave the lobster boiling and aren't watching them, they will boil over!

Daddy and Mommy to be just hanging out while the feast is being cooked.

Amy with her "other" half, Jason.

The lobster is in and Brian was kind enough to break open the tails for some of us since it is such a messy job.


The feast is over and the dishes are almost done. We stopped for a quick pose.

And of course a quick game of golf on the Wii.

And what do you do with a new pack for hunting out west? You put your 16 month old daughter on it for a ride.

It was a great night as always. Bellies were full and hearts were happy.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all...

To you and your family...

From all of us here at the Rodman home...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Flashback Friday

This is Tracy and Andy in September of 86. It's hard to believe that Tracy is now married and has Felicity and Andy is married and going to be a Daddy in March!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Making Pizza

First you stand on your stepstool and impatiently wait for Mommy to start.

Then when she puts the crust down you take a bite, just to make sure it is good.

After the cheese is on you put Canadian bacon pieces on....very carefully.

Preferably all in one spot.

Then you put some pineapple chunks on....again only in one spot.

Then you start throwing them on, obviously at lightning speed by the looks of her hands in this photo.

There has to be more sampling at this step.

And more pineapple.

Notice how they are all in a pile. That's how it is done.

Oh, then you discover there is still meat under there...

And you take a bite and put it back on the pizza.

Toss more cheese on top.

Cleaning the counter when you are done is very important. Again, at lightning speed.

Can never get that counter too clean.

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