Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

We are not big partyers so we usually stay home with friends. We had Bob & Tammy over for supper. We just ate and sat around. We were in bed by 10:30. Party!!

Here's Tammy & Kylee playing with her computer.

These are the only two pictures I have from the night. Oh well, we had a good time.

Ken's Deer

After the day slowed down a little, Ken came over to show us the deer he shot. Great job Ken.

Dress Up

While the dishwasher fiasco was going on in the kitchen, Kylee decided to play dress up. Felicity came over and joined in on the fun. But she was more interested in chewing on the duck than putting on those goofy clothes.

Kylee wore this outfit for about 3 hours today, dancing and "ice skating" on the kitchen floor. I think she looks sooo cute. Excuse the blue undies.

Dishwasher Surgery

The day started off pretty normal.......except that the floor was wet from the dishwasher running the night before. Brian took it apart. He can usually fix anything he goes after, but this was a little scary. Chris came over to help with the situation. After a couple hours, this is what I had in the middle of my floor.

I should have taken a picture before I cleaned it up. They left for town to get parts and all of my dishwashers "guts" were spewn all over the floor. I picked them all up and put them neatly on the counter, with all the little piles of screws. After I did it I thought that might have been the wrong thing to do. It wasn't. They came home with the parts and within 1/2 hour or so it was all back together. It works! I never doubted him. (kinda)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kylee's Smile

I just had to post this picture of Kylee. Usually when you take her picture and ask her to smile, she gives us a goofy smile. This is a genuine smile. This is the sweetheart we get to spend our days with all week.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pretty in Pink

What can I say? Adorable.

Funny Face

We went to Wausau to pick out bridesmaid dresses with Casey. All those girls and they picked out a dress within about 1/2 hour. Wow, they are good. We went to El Mezcal after we were done. Felicity kept making this face. I don't know if you can tell how funny it was, but it was hilarious.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas with the Rodmans

This year we decided that we would host the Rodman Christmas party at our house. Almost everyone made it to the party. We had lots of food, again. It is fun to have little ones around again. Of course I had to start the day off with Felicity. I was playing with my camera. She had such a colorful dress on that I couldn't resist.

Brian also had to try the camera out. Here is a pic of me and Jordan. She is a sweetheart, always lookin for hugs.

Great Uncle Kenny got to hold Felicity first. She has such a great personality, not afraid of people. I hope she stays that way.

Great Grandpa got to hold her again. I don't know if he wanted to or not, but Tracy plops Felicity in his lap and he has no choice. She looks like she sure doesn't mind.

Check this out.........Jesse smiling in a picture!! (for those of you who don't know, this is rare)

Lacey, Sue, and Sam were sitting here talking and I came around to take the picture. I think Lacey didn't get a chance to swallow before she had to smile. Sorry about that Lacey.

Great Mother-Daughter picture.

Here is Lacey with Felicity, great smile.

Trinity loves Butterscotch. She came to our house earlier this year and fell in love with her. She has her own real horses at home but I think she likes the idea of this one not caring what she does to her. Buterscotch is a Furreal pet. She moves and neighs. They had one like it at Walmart set up, they are pretty cool. This one is for Kylee at our house.

Coy had to check Butterscotch out too. He didn't last too long. It must not have been his thing.

I am not sure what was happening here. Jason has a real funny look on his face.

I also wasn't in the room when this was taken. Not sure what Deb was talking about. It must have been a great story.

Tina & Diann must have been listening to Deb.

Shirley too.

One last Meyer family photo before they leave. We all sure missed Shane.
Merry Christmas to everyone, hope you all had a great Holiday season. Wishing you a Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

New Camera

I got a new camera for Christmas, (nothing like yours Connie). I think it is pretty cool. Now I can be even more annoying, taking even more pictures than ever. Tracy & I take lots of pictures. Felicity is only 5 months old and we have just about 2,000 pictures of her already. Anyway, here is a picture of an ornament on my tree. I like this feature a lot, I used to do this in my Photoshop on my computer and now I can do it when I take the pictures.
I do have more pictures of Christmas than these two snowmen. I am working on cropping and removing red eye. I will post them soon.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas with the Emmerichs

For the last few, a lot, of years we have gone to Lorin & Julee's on Christmas Day. It is the best party that anyone ever puts on. Tons of food, drinks, and of course, the family. It has extended way beyond family, and has now become friends too. We apprecite all that Lorin & Julee do for this day. We hope she never stops having this big celebration day. Here are a few pics from that day. I took about 100 pictures, but couldn't quite post all of them. Sorry if I missed you.

This is Tonya & Mark's little guy Jack. He is super adorable.

I don't know why these two posed for pictures, but I had to grab a shot when I had the opportunity.

Here's Patti smoozin' up to Dad.

We take a pic of us two every Christmas day. We always end up with about 6 shots cause we can't get it together at the same time.

Felicity and Chloe sat together for a while. They are so adorable and I hope they become as close as their Mommys and cousins are.

Felicity was not cooperating here. I tried a few shots, this is the best one.

Santa made an appearance. For some reason he always asks me to sit on his lap.

Here's the best shot I got of all the kids with Santa.

Felicity and Santa.

Santa gave all the kids hugs and presents. Here is Kallie getting her goodies.

Santa wanted a hug before he gave the presents and Payton didn't necessarily want it in that order. He finally did give Santa a hug.

Aubree got a guitar for Christmas and was entertaining the group all day. (She is so shy) (NOT)

Of course, a picture of me and Felicity, since we really don't have many of us. (haha)

Great Grandma with Felicity.

Finally, a picture of Dad & Mom. Not the best, but it will do.

Our Family's Christmas

We decided to try something new for Christmas this year. Since Andy & Casey just moved into their new home, we all went there in the morning to open gifts. Charlie and Carol were there early and made everyone omlets in a bag. They were delicious and a great way to feed a lot of people.

Here is Felicity with her Auntie Casey.

I got Brian this 10 million candle power rechargeable spotlight. I didn't realize how big is was. He got quite a kick out of it, it is huge.

Here's the gan in the middle of the gift opening frenzy.

Felicity snuggling with Grandpa after her nap.

Tracy is putting a castle together while Felicity waits to tear it apart.

We even had Jordan there to celebrate with us. (He lives with Andy & Casey)

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