Friday, October 31, 2008

This One's for Connie....Continued

Here's the bubble gum picture that Patti was talking about in her comment.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

This One's for Connie

I am still going through old pictures of Mom's for her digital photo frame These are a couple that I found. Check out who is the one goofin around in each picture!!!
Better watch out........I am not finished with my "old pictures" project yet. I am sure I will find more gems.
(Check it out, this is from two different years and Patti had a Barbie cake both times. What a spoiled last child)

Pumpkin Roll Update

The pumpkin roll fiasco was a success. Our dessert took 2nd place, lost out to Carol Motte's pumpkin dessert. I won a luggage tag, plastic cup, and a hand fan.

Also, after 3 years in a row of not placing, Brian entered the chili cook off again. In the past years there were around 6-8 chilis entered. Last year the winner was someones "Chicken Noodle Soup"!!!!! What's up with that? In a chili contest? Anyhow, this year Brian won 1st place!! He won a soup mug and a ladle. He was pretty excited and now he's ready to sell his recipe. ( Just kidding)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our Entry in the Church Pumpkin Dessert Contest

Today I decided to make an entry in the Pumpkin Dessert Contest at our church. I called up Patti to see if she would want to help make her famous Pumpkin Roll (aka Libby's). Whenever we make these rolls, we make a lot at once because they take a lot of time and make a mess in the kitchen. (for us they do) So instead of going into town to get our supplies, we called on the local neighbors to gather our missing ingredients. I had some, Patti had some, the Koontz's had some and the Outpost had the last of what we needed. It was 4:00 and we were finally ready to get started. Now, for those of you who know us, we do have troubles in the kitchen sometimes. But whatever we make turns out to taste really good. (most of the time) We are no Betty Crockers but we try. I had to post a picture of our "neatly" organized counter as we were baking.

Even Felicity had to do some taste-testing.
When the rolls were done, we had to take a picture of the finished product. We decided the coffee table was the best spot, but we needed more lighting. I grabbed this lamp from behind a chair and if you look closely you can see that I am not one who checks for spider webs too often. OOPS.

Here is our finished product. Looks pretty darn good. For rookies.

oooooohhhhhhhh, it's so good.

But, then, someone had to go and finish off the whole plate. She'll be sorry later.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

26 Years.........and counting

For our 25th Anniversary last year we wanted to get our picture taken. Well, that didn't happen. So we decided that since we had a photographer at our house to take Felicity's pictures that we would do it this year. We got a couple good shots.

Not such a good idea to have him pick me up and still pose for a picture.
I think that is for those little brides.

On these pictures our photographer wanted us to "be serious" and look at each other.

I had a hard time doing that as you can tell in this series of pictures.

Finally, we gave up and decided to just pose and smile. That works.

Three Generations

Four Generations

Five Generations

We finally got the five generation picture taken. It was tricky to get Brian's mom and Grandma out to the house at the same time, and of course when Brian wasn't working too. I am sure we will have many more of these taken in the years to come.

Felicity's First Photo Shoot

Felicity's First Photo Shoot

I have a friend, Marie, who is starting her own photography business. She has actually done 8 weddings this summer. She came over one Sunday early in September and took pictures for us. She took about 800 pictures and spent about 6 hours at our house. It took a while between naps and feedings to get all those pictures, but we sure got some great pictures.

We had to take a break because she was getting crabby with all the pictures. Grandpa of course was there to "rescue" her from the mean picuture lady.

Disco Cures Cancer

Last Friday night we went to a fundraiser called "Disco Cures Cancer." We had never heard about it but I guess this was their 11th year. I can't believe we've missed them. We got a group of friends together, ordered costumes from the internet, and set out for a great time. Here we are all ready to go and trying to set the tone for the night.

Then we had to stop and pick up Todd at his house. The guys had to pose with him too.

Disco Cures Cancer

Disco Cures Cancer

We had the best time, dancing the night away. We actually knew most the songs. This one is when

"Dancing Queen"

was playing, I love that song. Brian wasn't used to his "fro" and kept getting it in everyone's face.

This was held at the Rothschild Pavillion. It is a pretty big place and it was packed. It was a great time and we plan on going again next year. We sure would like to have a bigger group next time. (hint, hint)

Vacation at the Cabin

Here's Felicity helping me to pick out lunch at Famous Daves.
She sure smiles a lot lately. All you have to do is look at her and she smiles, most of the time.
Here is a precious picture of Grandpa and Felicity I love how their blue eyes show up so much on this picture. I knew it would take long for her to get him wrapped around her tiny fingers.
Do you think she looks a bit like Daddy?

Vacation at the Cabin

By Saturday we had 12 adults and 8 kids at the cabin, and of course that is the day it rained. Here's Tammy trying to keep some of them busy, with all things to play with...... playdoh.
Bless her heart.
I took this picture of the room full of people. You really can't see everyone on this picture but it was madness. So much for relaxation for this day.
Searching for more golf balls.........
And more searching...........
Finally..................Cole looking for them himself.

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