Saturday, May 17, 2008

Meet Kylee

For those of you who don't know Kylee, I have had the pleasure to take care of her for the past three years. She turned three in March. Kylee and her parents (Bob & Tammy) are our neighbors. Tracy watched her for the first three months and then had to go back to school that fall. We had fallen in love with her and couldn't let her go to daycare. She is a big part of our family and we love her dearly. You will for sure see her in more pictures on my post.


I just couldn't resist posting these classics. I love the few pictures that we do have. The sister bond is forever.

Almost here!

Baby Ziehlke is almost here. Only 6 more weeks and we get to meet our new grandchild. (still not sure about the "G" word) Everyone tells me I will love it, we can't wait.
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